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Nintendolife shouldn’t automatically be assumed to give it a super good score. That said, the review sounds like as though the score should be even lower. You gotta love how pretty much anyone that gives these games criticism and points out Gamefreak’s lies is automatically labelled as being "Entitled" and "Haters". To be honest, I only have seen gamexplains review and the graphics aren’t terrible. @Bondi_Surfer The differences in the two versions of any pokemon game are just in what pokemon you can catch.

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Not to mention that the game runs at 720p and looks MUCH worse than any other Nintendo game on the Switch and is just slightly above 3DS quality. Wow, there are a lot of people who haven’t played the game yet and are complaining about a review score. Snowflakes are aggregates of ice crystals that appear in an infinite variety of shapes, mainly at temperatures near the freezing point of water. They are like Glaceons who haven’t quite mastered adulthood yet. @BlackenedHalo Don’t get me wrong, this game looks just plain mediocre but Kirby Star Allies and Daemon X Machina both got a 7.

@Mr_Muscle I’ve suspected for a while that reviews on this site have become junk and this really confirms it to me. They knocked points off Alwa’s Awakening because it played like a retro game, yet a nintendo game releases that’s an utter technical mess with a huge lack of content and it’s nearly perfect.

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If the graphics are lacking then I expect the gameplay to make up for it. If a game lacks content then I expect something else to make up for it, difficulty, replayability etc.

@SuperEndriu now keep in mind I understand we can’t create an absolutely perfect scale to line all games up side by side and know exactly where they fall. What I’m saying is if CCleaner for Windows I look at two games and they’re equal on all fronts except one has better graphics then the one with better graphics is the better game. Likewise if two games are equal on all fronts except one has more content then that one is the better game. Of course we don’t always get such clean comparisons that’s why I see it as a give and take.

Basically since reviews are in theory to help other people they need some more objective criteria than just whatever the hell the reviewer feels like giving it. It doesn’t have to be 100% objective but it should not be difficult to say why one game scores higher than another.

I can honestly say, I disliked Sun and Moon and was one of the complainer who where mad about the Let’s Go games. I’m surprised the numerous bugs in the game are not mentioned in the review, as well as terrible quality of animations (which is what Game Freak said that it’s why they are cutting the pokedex for, to work on THOSE).

There’s about a dozen that are in one game and not the other to encourage trading. Then there’s the fact that these games simply run poorly when they’re already not graphically impressive, with the games looking like upscaled 3DS games. Having played the game for 8-odd hours, I’ll say this review is largely on the mark, and I thank @AlexOlney for mentioning the performance problems.

I’d give it a score of 6-7, but that’s on a scale where 5 is an average score. I think it’s essentially the same as an 8 in this site’s scoring system.

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