5 Ways To Styles Your Home Office for Productivity.

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You don’t have to work from a high-end office complex building or rent expensive co-working space to increase your productivity. About 99% of the remote working demographic think they need a professional interior designer to assist in styling up their home office for increased productivity. However, engaging an interior decorator will skyrocket your home office budget. This article will share with you how I was able to increase the productivity in my home office with just 200$ worth of decorative materials.

Let me walk you through a 6 step by step process, to make your home office feel more professional and productive.

a typical set up of a home office

Let There Be Light

a well lit working space

Choosing the best lighting options for your home office increases your productivity level significantly. Sufficient lighting makes the room feel more vibrant and ready to work. 

When choosing between yellow light and white light, I would advocate you to go for a white light (correlated color temperature). CCT will do well in your home office as it helps improve your learning performance.

Warm light can also be used in your home office to give a cozy relaxing feel. This is important when you feel like you want to unwind while in your home office. After all, you are the one calling the shots, so why not make changes on lighting depending on the mood. However, you nee to prior understand on the best lighting for you office.

Bring life to you work space 

office styling with a key

Traditionally a plant inside an office space was used to decorate the workspace, and to make the home office feel eco-friendly. As a result, most people just prefer using an artificial plant as it will provide the same illusion and requires no maintenance.

Contrary, an indoor plant in a working space helps in reducing the amount of CO2 in the room, therefore producing very fresh air in the office, motivates an employee and brings about creativity, and reduces stress in the working environment. Further, more having an indoor plant bring life to your space.

Enjoy The View

a goo view from you styled working area

a good view to improve productivity

There is no wrong or right way to position your work desk. Depending on the size of your home office, you can organize it to suit your preferred setup. However, research has shown that people are more productive when they are facing a window, balcony, or open space rather than facing the wall. A good view is more inspirational compared to a brick wall.

Our brain can take small breaks in between the day and maintain more positivity. Facing the wall has an advantage, it reduces distractions, but also brings about a sense of confinement.  You should, therefore, consider moving your work desk from the dark corner of the room, and next to a window or open space with good lighting to your productivity.

Personalize Your Home Office

Working from home means you get to live by your own rules, therefore, deciding on what to do with your works space. There is freedom of style without an HR office constantly making passive-aggressive comments on your desk décor.

If you want a picture of you and your best friend while surfing on your office desk, or a picture of your favorite furry friends, you a free to do as you please.  There is, however, a difference between decorating your desk and cluttering your workspace. I recommend that you know where to draw the line and only have items you need in your space.

Comfortable Furniture 

a well styled office space

Working from home means you are in your comfort zone. It’s, for this reason, we should not compromise on our comfort. That said, it doesn’t mean you have to go for a very expensive piece of furniture for your home office, but go for the most comfortable furniture. A comfortable office chair and adjustable height desk are guaranteed to improve productivity in your office space. This comfort enhances creativity and increases your productivity in your work office. Not to mention, the health benefits of comfortable furniture.