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An Overview of CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services

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The Australian Nursing and Training Services are accredited to provide the best quality skill for quality care. As such, they are equipped with the best simulated and practical training usually provided by highly-qualified and experienced assessors and trainers. 

Moreover, ANTS Australia provides different educational qualifications that are focused on ensuring better quality care delivery to clients and one of the qualifications provided is CHCCOM005. For this assessment, you will have to answer a few questions correctly. However, if you find difficulties with your CHCCOM005 assessment answers, you can seek an online assignment expert for help.

In order to provide an accurate CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services assessment answer, you ought to describe the knowledge and skills to interrelate with clients, colleagues, management, and other healthcare providers effectively. Besides, you should be adept in writing, work under the direct or indirect supervision of an individual as well as use digital media.


Important Concepts for CHCCOM005

For better results, effective communication with people is a must-perform task. As such, you will have to learn how to collaborate with colleagues under this CHCCOM005 unit and submit the report to the supervisor. To achieve all these processes, you must follow some specific elements under the assessment criteria:

  • With knowledge of performance criteria and elements at your fingertips, you can work well while keeping them in mind. That way, you can reduce the chances of making mistakes. So, what concepts should you keep in mind?
  • Know what legal and ethical considerations are associated with communication, so that you are in a better position to analyze and not hurt people’s emotions while helping them.
  • Be able to perform the duty of care with utmost awareness
  • Be aware of the confidentiality, disclosure, and privacy criteria. Having good knowledge about these elements can help stop you from leaking any information.
  • Keep in mind that all the clients and people are equal to you. Therefore, don’t discriminate as it can hurt people and affect their overall health.
  • Whatever work you do while communicating and taking care of the client, be sure to submit a daily work report to the supervisor.
  • If the clients are children, be sure to switch on communication and care criteria as per the situation.
  • Know the ethical decision-making and interest conflicts
  • Make sure you understand the principles of effective communication to understand the problems of people
  • Use communication techniques such as open-ended questions, affirmations, motivational interviews, and speeches. Also, consider knowing about people’s language, culture, religion, age, disability, and health to offer better assistance to clients or people.
  • Know when to use verbal and non-verbal communication. When using verbal communication, make sure to speak clearly and directly. Non-verbal communication can include eyes movement, touching, facial expressions such as sad or happy, body movements like thumps up to mean everything is ok, tone of voice such as high or low, loud or soft fast or slow. Moreover, be open-minded and show a willingness to listen while being respective in attitude as well as being supportive.
  • If you are doing verbal communication with the client, then ensure your grammar, pronunciation, and speech are flawless.
  • When using social media, email, and websites for communication purposes, keep the main service in mind.

These are some of the performance criteria and elements that you must have at the back of your mind as a nurse when writing this unit’s assessment answers. However, if you have no idea about these concepts, then it is best to get help from our experts.

What are the Modes of Assessments Which Forms CHCCOM005?

Now that we have underlined the concepts for the entire unit, it becomes much easier to understand the basic approach to writing the assessment assignment for this unit. Essentially, there are three assessments that are rolled out to students pursuing this unit. So, without much ado, let’s discuss each of them in detail in the following section.

Assessment 1: Underpinning Knowledge Questions

Based on the elements that we have seen above, certain questions may be derived to test students’ knowledge and academic skills on them in assignment 1: underpinning knowledge question. Here are some of the questions covered under this assessment.

Question 1: List the attributes of verbal and non-verbal communication

To correctly answer this question, you should first check the number of words you are asked to use to write your answer. After you establish how many words are required, you can start writing by providing the meaning of verbal and non-verbal communication. Ideally, create a table and write verbal in one section and non-verbal in the other. Proceed to explain both terms using real-life examples.

 Question 2: How can networking assist you within the work environment?

To give an efficient answer to this question, you need to create some main points for this question before discussing each point one by one. For instance, you can create points such as what is networking, why is it important to perform better in the workplace environment, and how it benefits you, like does it strengthen your business connections, provide new or different knowledge, boost your profile and make you more self-assured.

Question 3: Lasswell’s model of communication vs Shannon and Weaver’s model of communication

In this question, you will be required to explain Lasswell’s communication model including all its five components: communicator, message, medium, receiver, and effect. Once you do this, you can then proceed to explain how this model of communication is different from Weaver and Shannon’s model of communication.

Question 4: How will you know if the person has understood you?

If you are communicating face-to-face, there are three ways to check how the person is reacting instance, by listening to them, watching how they interact with other people, and reading their body language and interaction.

Another easiest way to check whether a person understands is to check how they communicate face-to-face with their peers, colleagues, or clients. However, if you can’t see that they understand you, consider asking relevant questions to see what they would say if you said the same to them.

Question 5: What is privacy confidentiality and disclosure, explain through an example

This question requires you to explain with the help of an example that privacy confidentiality and disclosure are the ability of someone to disclose the information they have about a person. Privacy confidentiality on the other hand is keeping the person’s business information private, thus keeping their business information from anyone except their colleagues from work or clients.

Question 6: Explain why proper hand-washing is a must-perform task for working in a health care community

Research has shown that when working in health care communities hand-washing is a must-perform task. This helps prevent contaminated hands from spreading disease and reduces risks to workers’ health.

It is evident that so many concepts are covered in these questions. Moreover, there are a lot of similar questions that you can be asked under this assessment 1. So, if you are unable to write answers to such questions, then consider seeking dependable help from our expert nursing assignment writers for comprehensive answers to CHCCOM005 assessment 1 questions.

Question 7: Describe What is motivational Interviewing?

To answer this question correctly, consider starting with a motivational quote or phrase, then provide a little definition of the quote. Besides, you can write the meaning of motivational interviews as well as describe how you can elicit the patient’s personal motivation through these kinds of interviews. Also, consider writing what a client needs to change to avoid unhealthy behavior by motivating him.

Assessment 2: Research Work/Project

In CHCCOM005 Assessment 2, students usually get questions based on research work and case studies. The main objective of assessment 2 is to show that a student has the capabilities, knowledge, and skills needed to complete the research work.

Assessment 3: Observation of Practical Skills

Assessment 3 is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to demonstrate the performance concepts of the CHCCOM005 assessment. Besides, you will be given a case scenario based on which you will answer the follow-up questions. Answering these questions will enable you to demonstrate and present the performance evidence clearly. To do this you are required to:

  • Highlight the effective communication skills in three different situations
  • Simplify the instructions at the workplace and negotiate time
  • Respond appropriately and correctly to different situations where communication restrictions are present

These are some of the questions of the CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services Assessment that you can write better by following the tips we have provided and attain amazing marks in assessment papers.

Without a doubt, writing exceptional assignment answers is not easy as making mistakes is a common occurrence. However, these mistakes in your answers can greatly impact the marks you score for the assignment. So, if you want a flawless paper, then consider taking our assignment help!

CHCCOM005 assessment Answers

If you are a student CHCCOM005 course in ANTS, Australia, then you know how important it is to compose an exceptional and well-researched assessment answer. But if you are facing difficulties in crafting a winning assessment answer, consider referring to the above-given information and detail about this unit.

However, if you still want help in knowing more about unit CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services Assessment Answers, reach out to us. We will guide and help you with all the necessary steps, skills and knowledge you will need to score better marks from your assessment. Moreover, if you have already written all your assessment answers and need some expert proofreading and editing services for your document, let us know!

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