How Exactly To Message Girls Efficient and Productively

How Exactly To Message Girls Efficient and Productively

After you have your profile put up you are going to then begin hitting within the numbers hard.

This will be numbers game. The greater amount of girls you hit up, the greater the possibility. The same as in true to life.

Whenever effortlessly done, you can easily deliver of 40 communications in every single day (POF maximum) in around 10-15minutes.

Potential Warning: if you deliver 41 communications or send 3 identical messages in a time, POF will freeze your entire future messages for 48 hours. As of this moment, I’m not quite clear on OKCupid limits however it’s an idea that is good stick to the exact exact same tips in case.

First: Don’t ever bother reading a chicks profile whenever sending down a couple of communications, that will simply take forever. I would read it then not always if i have a date scheduled already with a girl, even.

I’ve literally sent communications to most people on the website in my own significantly tiny town. Therefore when a when i go on pof, i’ll just hit up the new users section week. I’ll scroll through the pages and then click my scroll wheel to my mouse (or right click and choose new tab in the event that you don’t have a wheel) on any hot chick and it also starts a tab without changing windows. I’ll go through about 40 pages (that’s about how exactly numerous brand new girls here are here in per week) in about ten full minutes with probably about 65+ tabs open every so often.

we’ll consider the photos and also make certain that-

1. They’re really hot.

2. They reside near sufficient by.

3. We haven’t messaged them prior to. (optional)

Here’s my trick for no. 3.

You don’t have actually for this, but I prefer to feel just like a cock from time to time delivering the exact same message to the exact same chick like three or four times. First you should employ the chrome web web browser. Next, you make a bookmark folder named “Girls I’ve Messaged” now when you’re through the tabs and you’re planning to deliver a chick. (more…)

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