Certificate 3 in individual support assignment answers

CHC33015: Certificate 3 In Individual Support Assessment Answers


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The CHC33015 assessment is a long and tedious task for students pursuing nursing courses from Australian universities which causes them to face many barriers while writing the answers. In this exam, you will need to answer several questions such as what is community care common standards. How do we define the duty of care in order to meet our patient’s needs with optimum efficiency under the legislation framework? Outline every purpose behind legal measures etc.

The best way to get an idea of what questions might be covered in your assessment is by reviewing the topics and skills listed under CHC33015. This will help give you a greater sense of how much preparation needs to be done before taking this test, so that when it comes time to take these assessments all I can do my absolute most!

Why pursue a course in chc33015 certificate III in individual support?

Familiarize yourself with various skills and motives as a nursing student when pursuing a chc33015 certificate3. Below is an experts list to assist the students :

  • support-based care for personal clients
  • catering to the need of the individual client
  • ability to make an informed decision while providing support
  • coming up with various strategies to support, monitor, and communicate.
  • Boasting client’s freedom and well-being
  • promoting the empowerment of aged people
  • Understanding the proper functions of the Human body and learning about the human body
CHC33015 Certificate III In Individual Support Assessment Answers.

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Questions Covered Under CHC33015 Assessment Answers :

Sources of information include:
1.) Residential care manual
2.) Industry and organization service standard
3.) Aged care act

As human beings, we all have our own values, beliefs and attitudes that we have
developed throughout our lives. As a support worker we should provide services that meet
the needs of our target groups and help them feel empowered. 

To do this, we must be aware of our own personal values, beliefs and attitudes and be prepared to accept the
professional values of the industry that we work in and not impose our own values and ideas on our clients.

Report breach of a legal requirement, an ethical issue, or conflict of interest to:
This should be reported to someone in the higher authority for example someone in the higher authority or
management. If this personnel does not take any action then it can be reported to external authorities like
advocacy services or the health care complaints commission.

  • Talking about the confidential information (example illness or diseases) of the clients with other clients
    or un related personnel.
  • Arguing or using in appropriate language
  • Identify situations where work practices could be improved to meet legal and
    ethical responsibilities
  • Pro-actively share feedback with colleagues and supervisors
  • Identify and take opportunities to contribute to the review and development of policies and protocols