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CHCECE006 Assessment Answers | Support Behavior Of Children And Young People 

Children and young adults hold a special part in any society, yet they are the most susceptible. For this reason, great care is required to protect them in every part of their life. As such, most nursing students in Australia and across the globe enroll in CHCECE006 to acquire skills, techniques, and knowledge that they can use in different ways to guide children’s behavior in children in a safe environment and CHCECE006 assessment answers

CHCECE006 Assessment Answers

In most cases, children or young people may go through various circumstances that often end up causing disruptive behavior. A child can be tired, afraid, angry, stressed, frustrated, or unwell among other abrupt behaviors.

Disruptive behavior refers to when, for instance, a child is extremely disruptive and uncooperative and dissociates themselves from focusing on the tasks they are required to do. There is a need for proper handling of such kinds of children

Taking the CHCECE006 course helps a nurse learn the different ways to help children with disruptive behavior. Having complete knowledge of the coursework, you stand a better chance to seamlessly complete the CHCECE006 Support Behavior of Children and Young People assessment answers. 

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What CHCECE006 Assessment Answers Support Behavior of Children and Young People Covers Under Coursework

Basically, 5 assignments feature under the CHCECE006 course unit. To effectively tackle these assignment questions, you require specific techniques. Read on to find out which are these techniques.

CHCECE006 Assessment Answers

CHCECE006 Task 1: Quality Care Learning Environment

In order to complete this assignment task, students will be assigned specific readings. And based on them, particular questions are given for the task. Therefore, having extensive knowledge of all of the assigned readings, it will be a matter of minutes to come up with the right answers to any questions given.

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CHCECE006 Task 2: Safe and Supportive Environment Assessment

Another important task of this course is to ensure children are kept in a safe and supportive environment. Under this task, the questions given propose different techniques and solutions that can be used for keeping children safe and in a supportive environment.

The primary concept covered in this set of questions is the contextual aspects that affect the child’s behavior. Various factors that can influence child behavior include culture, learning style, development level, and behavioral expectations among others. For each of these factors, the learner is required to underscore the basic understandings that educators must possess.

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CHCECE006 Task 3: Positive and Supportive Educator Strategies

This CHCECE006 assignment task features the strategies that educators can use to come up with a positive and supportive environment for the children. As such, the assessment questions usually entail different strategies accompanied by real-life examples.

When writing the responses to these assessment questions, the learners are required to provide a supportive strategy and explain each of them while giving examples to encourage a positive environment for the children to live.

CHCECE006 Task 4: Effective Educator Strategies

In this assessment task, students are tested on their knowledge about the effectiveness of the educator strategies used. Several educator strategies are given and the students are required to state whether they are effective or not. Besides, they should give exceptional reasons for the same. If you are having difficulties with such questions, then be sure to send them to us to help.

CHCECE006 Task 5: Support Children with Additional Needs

This is the last assessment task for the CHCECE006 coursework and it covers all the policies and processes that play an integral role in providing additional needs and support to children. On policy, students are tested on their knowledge of behaviors of concern and disruptive behavior among others.

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What CHCECE006 Support Behaviour of Children and Young People Course Covers?

The CHCECE006 is a vast course that covers a lot of topics. Our nursing assessment answers expert writers have given a broad overview of all the main topics. Check them out!

Guiding and Directing Behavior

Guiding and redirecting children’s behavior is a strategy that nursing students ought to learn properly since they need to come up with a better solution as opposed to punishment for improving the children’s behavior.

Certainly, guidance is a better solution as opposed to punishment because it offers a maximum step and model to the children for improving their behavior. Besides, there are several other ways in which you can find out the reason for irregular behavior in young stars.

So, if you find some early indicators of negative behavior in a child, it is important that you deal with it more patiently. Pursuing CHCECE006 will enable a nursing student easily develop an understanding habit of those children and come up with better solutions to improving irregular behavior.

Observing Data and Collecting Information about the Behavior

Under this CHCECE006 topic, students will learn how to collect observational data that helps them in establishing a better understanding of the behavior solution. The main collecting point under this coursework topic include:

Providing Evidence

When it comes to identifying behavior concerns of a child, their behavior is to observe over a period of time. With this evidence, it will be easy to identify the behavior of a child and thereof provide proper support.

Collecting Observational Data

Observational data can be collected in a number of ways. However, some of these methods are limited to observation, which can only be collected only at a time of a particular situation.

Other methods of collecting observational data include capturing pictures of the performance of children.

Identifying Concerning Areas

When pursuing the CHCECE006 course, you are required to identify the concerning areas of children as soon as possible. This way, expert advice can be provided and the behavioral issues resolved immediately before they escalate. Therefore, once you identify the concerned areas, proper action to mitigate them can be taken and the behavioral condition of the children be improved.

The CHCECE006 Support behavior of children and young people is designed to help nursing students assignment help and develop the skills and knowledge required for analyzing a child’s behavior. Once the behavior is analyzed, proper interventions for improving it can be developed.

Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Scrutinize and assess information to guide the formation of suitable practices for support
  • Identify contributing environment attributes
  • Use affirmative support approaches
  • Recognize any developmental problems or mental health problems of a child that can potentially influence behavior
  • Examine innovative approaches and record reactions of children or young adults under practices and strategy
  • Encourage a reassuring and nontoxic environment
  • Identify elements of concern for evaluation with the team leader
  • Evaluate and analyze the plans
  • Help with the guidelines in a way that meets the needs of a child such as the work environment and daily operations.
  • Use supportive and appropriate practices that are suitable to the development phase and needs of a child
  • Use techniques to help the children who need extra assistance
  • Use positive support and comprehensible non-verbal and verbal clues to recognize the child’s behavior
  • Collect data regarding appraisal and provide a response to the team leader as extra support
  • Use approaches that help the child while consulting with the team leader
  • Develop prospects for behavior with the help of team leader according to work obligation
  • Use data to present strength, time, and frequency of behavior requiring support
  • Establish an extensive understanding of the stages of support required and provided according to the needs of the youth after consulting with the team leader
  • Employ suitable approaches to resolve situations

Why it is Important to Complete a CHCECE006 Assessment

Children’s behavior is largely impulsive and unforeseen. At one point, a child might be angry, stressed, unwell, or feeling frustrated, but they may not express these behaviors. However, these elements are reflected in their behavior. Unfortunately, you can treat the child minus being sure of what the problem is.

As such, knowing the unusual behavior of a child and the cause of it is an important element of a nursing curriculum. The CHCECE006 assessment course is designed to offer approaches and practices to dealing with children and teens’ behavior in a medical setup

Once you complete your nursing course and become a registers nurse, it is important that you enroll and complete this course. It will greatly help you in your nursing practice, especially in overcoming needless situations with children’s and teens’ behavior.

Having an understanding of the important aspects of this course comes in handy when completing the assessment questions. So before you respond to the assessment questions, it is important that you gather knowledge and gain insights into the following basic elements:

  • Disruptive behavior
  • Organizational and standards procedures
  • Resolve situations
  • Behavior concern
  • The communicative function of behavior
  • Influence of learning difficulties on the behavior of people
  • Strategies that help in supporting and redirecting behavior

By establishing a good understanding of the above elements, writing your assessment answers can be stress-free.

CHCECE006 Assessment Answers

How to Answer a CHCECE006 Assessment Answers Support Behavior of Children and Young People

The CHCECE006 assessment answers should be provided in a format given by the assessment itself. There are 6 sections of the assessment and here is how to complete all the assessments and what you require to focus on in order to pass all 6 sections.

Assessment 1: Short Questions, Multiple Questions, True/False Problems

The first assessment entails short and multiple questions as well as the true or false problems. Be sure to give appropriate answers to these questions as per your understanding of the theories, concepts as well as criticality of the issues.

Assessment 2: Real-Life Scenarios and Case Study

In the real-life scenarios and case study assessment section, provide an analysis of the case study given then answer the follow-up questions appropriately. For this assessment, read and understand the principles of the case study and paint a scenario on your own before applying the concepts you already studied for this kind of assessment. Ensure you are as authentic and original as possible when providing your answer.

Assessment 3: Research Activity

In the research activity section, you need to carry out deep research on the given topic before you answer the follow-up questions as per your research and understanding of the topic. When you have a good understanding of the concepts of the research topic, you find it easy to write exceptional answers to the questions assigned.

Assessment 4: Reflecting Yourself, Personal Journal

In the reflecting yourself or personal journal assignment section you need to provide your personal incidents that closely relate to your life as a nurse. For this purpose, be sure to evaluate your understanding of your nursing profession and bring out your ideas and thoughts efficiently.

Assessment 5: Observation by a Third Party

This assignment section requires students to do a practical assessment while working on placement. As such, you are required to conduct yourself professionally while assessing your behavior from a third-party perspective.

Assessment 6: Workplace Observation

The workplace observation assessment is practical in nature and thus you are required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as per the tasks you are assigned in your workplace. So, ensure you complete your duties diligently since you will be assessed on your ability to complete the duties efficiently or not.


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